Discover the wonder of flight in this hands on workshop by building different flyers. Groups select three activities from the below list to create and take home.

Gliders: Learn about the different components of a glider and how they fly. Once gliders have taken flight, controls can be altered to performed turns, barrel rolls, and more! Recommended Age: 9+, or 7+ with adult assistance

Outdoor Wooden Boomerangs (currently unavailable): Discover the science behind boomerangs while building a boomerang to fly outside. Recommended Age: 9+

Parachutes: Explore air resistance and how a parachute works by designing, building, and testing a model parachute. Recommended Age: 9+

Pool Noodle Rockets: Explore stability and drag while building a flinging rocket. Recommended Age: 7+, or 5+ with adult assistance

Straw Gliders and Paper Helicopters: Discover the basic forces of flight while building these two flyers! Recommended age: 5+

Stomp Rockets: Take a closer look at rockets while building a simple rocker and launder powered by a good stomp of the foot! Recommended ages: 7+, or 5+ with adult assistance.

Wright Bat: Learn how propellers work by building a flying toy similar to what inspired the Wright brothers to take flight! Recommended age: 7+, or 5+ with adult assistance


  • Recommended ages: 5-11
  • Price: $9.00 / youth (minimum booking fee of $125)
  • Program duration: 120 minutes
  • Format: hands-on in classroom
  • Maximum capacity: 35 youth. Youth will be broken up into groups of 4-6
  • Adult supervision requirement: 1 adult per 8 youth; minimum 2 adults


  • We will try our best to accommodate your first choices for activities. However, adjustments may need to be made due to time restrictions or material availability. Please have an alternate choice ready at the time of booking.
  • Programs available during our regular open hours, as well as on evenings and weekends.
  • This program takes place in our classroom and does not include time to tour the museum. A guided tour can be added to any youth program to create a full day experience for $6.00/youth.
  • Listed program duration does not include snack/washroom breaks. Please mention at the time of booking if you would like to have a break during your program.
  • Programs must be booked in advance with a minimum of a 2 weeks’ notice.
  • Multiple group bookings may be available. Please inquire for further information.
  • In order to stay for the full day two programs must be booked.
  • Cancellations or changes to a booking are permitted up to three weeks prior to your program without penalty. Cancellations or major changes with less than three weeks’ notice will result in additional fees.
  • Programs must be paid for in full before or on the day of the program, a 10% late fee may apply otherwise.

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