Kevin Dooley

Joined the Board of Directors in 2020. 

Kevin is a commercial lawyer with over twenty years of experience, specializing in real estate, development, procurement and construction law.  He has applied those skills for some of Canada’s most dynamic companies, and on some of Alberta’s most high profile commercial and industrial developments.  With an emphasis on strategic thinking and the belief that to be truly effective a lawyer must understand the business, Kevin has extensive experience in both corporate operations and project development.  Kevin is Senior Legal Counsel for Shell Canada.

Originally from Winnipeg, Kevin moved to Calgary in 2001.  His life-long love of military history, including the operations of the Royal Canadian Air-Force, was honed by following his father while on family vacations (as both a child and an adult) through every museum, fortress, air-base, gallery, trench and archeological site possible.  

An avid collector of militaria, Kevin is currently the Chairman of the Calgary chapter of the Military Collectors Club of Canada.  Also, Kevin is a committed Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan and will not convert to the Stampeders under any circumstances.