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Learning about the science of flight is fascinating, difficult to teach, and is an important part of the grade 5 & 6 science curriculums in Alberta. While these field trips to The Hangar Fight Museum are very popular, because they bring flight to life and make understanding it easier, not every school in Calgary can afford to send their students on field trips. This is where Canadian Legacy Project comes in!

Canadian Legacy Project was formed with the goal to support our Canadian Veterans in their time of need and to advocate and educate on their behalf. It is their mission to develop and fund programs that are not currently being offered, or are being underfunded by Veteran’s Affairs.

Their sponsorship support in 2024 is giving The Hangar the ability to provide free educational programming throughout the year. This will support schools and other organized groups that are unable to afford the regular programming fees. Opportunities will be open to more people and will inspire new dreams of flight. The application process will be available soon for teachers and program leaders to apply to bring groups to the Hangar; or, to save the bussing cost, we also have a program called Glider Test Pilot that we can bring into school classrooms! It explores air and aerodynamics through building and testing gliders.

As this is a new offering, we want to make sure that teachers and parents are fully aware of this opportunity. 40-80 free programs will be offered in 2024 so there will be many applications accepted! Field trips can happen year-round including summer youth programs and day-cares that have affordability concerns. 


The application process is now open! Please fill out the following form in its entirety and send it to for evaluation. 


We have a short video that shows you how to apply! 

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