We are pleased to announce our 2017 FISE United Space School Student who will be representing Western Canada this summer: Elizabeth Drew. We are also celebrating twenty years of sending students to this amazing academic program. It encourages us each year to see the caliber of students in Alberta who have the desire to have a career in the space industry. Here is a short introduction to Elizabeth in her own words:

Greetings! My name is Elizabeth Drew. I am 16 years old, and a grade eleven student at Bishop Grandin High School. I have loved science since I was about twelve years old. It started with astronomy and aviation, and since then I've been working toward my pilot's license, finishing ground school last fall. Through my courses in high school, I've also become fascinated with chemistry, biology, and especially plants! My room at home is crammed with them, and I'm always looking for more cool ones. My passion for science also spurred me to start a Science Club at school, and I've been working to line up a bunch of cool field trips and speakers. To make new friends and stretch myself in other ways, I also joined Student Council, Model U.N. and the spring drama production at my high school. Turns out, those are really fun too. Luckily I have a perfect part-time job at a movie theatre near my house, and my manager is really nice (she even wrote me that nice reference letter to help me get into the FISE program)! So, I guess I am pretty busy, but it helps to have a scientific mind when mapping out my day planner!

When I found out about FISE United Space School, I knew it would be something I would love. I applied, was interviewed, and when I was accepted it was the happiest day of my life! I jumped for joy so many times, I thought it would leave a dent in the floor! I feel so honoured to represent Western Canada, and I am ecstatic to meet so many other students from around the world. I am also excited to get started on FISE's preparatory assignments in the upcoming months before the camp begins, especially since I have always thought about visiting Mars someday. I want to thank The Hangar Flight Museum for extending me this opportunity and to FISE United Space School for creating such a wonderful program for future scientists. I hope to use this experience to help me pursue a career in astrobiology, aviation or perhaps in a field that hasn't even been discovered yet!