Just in the last week there has been more excitement at The Hangar. The Curtiss Jenny has returned to The Hangar after years on display at Glenbow. Fred McCall Jr. originally began building the replica on site at The Hangar and through an agreement was transferred to Glenbow to complete the work and subsequent display at their themed Maverick exhibit where it has been on display since 2005. As Glenbow begins large-scale restorations and changes, now was the perfect time for the plane to return to The Hangar. 

A big thank you goes out to Rangeland Truck and Crane who supported this venture by assisting us with transporting the plane across the city. We also must thank our neighbours at Eagle Copters, and our volunteers, for their assistance. 

You can learn more about Freddie McCall, Fred McCall Jr., the Curtiss Jenny and its return to The Hangar with video coverage from Global News and an article from CTV Calgary (In the Media)