We're excited to announce the 2023 delegate, Nicole Raneri. We'll let her introduce herself to you in her own words: 

Hello! My name is Nicole Raneri. I am 16 years old and I am currently attending grade 11 at Bow Valley High School in Cochrane, Alberta. As a toddler, I was fascinated by the Space exhibit at the museum, and I have wanted to be an astronaut ever since. In elementary school, I spent hours watching videos of Chris Hadfield aboard the International Space Station, and in 2016, I was lucky enough to meet him at a book signing. Two years later, I had the opportunity to interview astronaut, and former Chancellor of the University of Calgary, Dr. Robert Thirsk for a school passion project (which I was later asked to share with the rest of my grade).

This past year I took my first flight in a glider out of Black Diamond, Alberta. At 4000 feet, I was given control of the glider, it was exhilarating, and unlike any other experience I’ve had. The gilder was an amazing first step into the world of aviation and I hope to someday get my Private Pilot’s Licence. Also in this past year, physics has very quickly become my favourite subject. I often found myself questioning how the principles we learned would operate in space and in zero gravity. I am still full of unanswered questions that I am sure the United Space School will resolve!

I learned about the United Space School from a friend who thought I would be interested in the program and instantly I began working on my application. I would love to work in the aerospace industry even if I do not become an astronaut. The United Space School will be a perfect opportunity for me to fine-tune my passion and figure out exactly what career path I want to pursue. Learning that I had been selected as the 2023 Western Canadian Delegate was the best and most life changing news that I have ever received (so far), and I have never been so excited! I cannot thank The Hangar Flight Museum and FISE enough for giving me this opportunity. I am eager to begin the pre-course work and even more excited to continue my learning about the aerospace industry, whilst also meeting students from around the world at the United Space School this summer!