We're excited to announce the 2024 delegate, Mackenzie Hanson. We'll let her introduce herself to you in her own words:

Hello! I am Mackenzie Hanson, a 16-year-old Grade 11 student at All Saints High School, Alberta. My love for space began in middle school when you would constantly find me researching different constellations and observing the stories that different cultures have created for them.
In the summer of 2023, I was honoured to apply to and get accepted at the TELUS Spark Science Centre where I had the opportunity to lead two camps over the summer. My favourite was, of course, Aerospace Explorers where my co-lead and I were tasked with teaching our kids about space. From learning about the basics of aerodynamics to simulating their very own Mars regolith and experimenting with adding organic materials, I sincerely believe the kids had not only a fun, but educational, time in our camps.
I have also had the privilege of competing in Model United Nations in multiple science-based committees, twice in the Committee on Science and Technology for Development as Germany and Croatia and once in the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs as China! All of these experiences have given me a more in depth look into topics such as renewable energy sources and mitigating the risks of space debris. It is loads of fun, and I’m ecstatic to be working on my school’s first conference by running a committee centred on feminism as well as assisting in researching potential for life on Mars for our space committee. Outside of debate and science, I also enjoy writing poetry and am short-listed for FutureVerse, a poetry program for young poets in Canada! I also love musical theatre and am enjoying the singing lessons I began this year!
My experiences have allowed me to explore space in a variety of settings, from a professional environment to my personal interests. I learned about the FISE United Space School through a slideshow at my school and I knew I had to apply! I am overjoyed to be presented with this opportunity and cannot wait to explore different aspects of the aerospace industry and decide how I want to be involved in it, whether I’m an astronaut, physicist, engineer, or anything in between. Thank you to the Hangar Flight Museum for presenting me with this once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ll be eagerly counting down the days!