The Boeing 767 Cabin Crew Door Trainer was donated by WestJet Inflight Training in 2020, after the retirement of the 767 fleet.

It is an important addition to the museum’s collection, representing the development of commercial aviation, specifically as it relates to Calgary, and the importance of safety.

Cabin Crew training is a four week long intensive course in safety, first aid, and aircraft evacuation in addition to inflight service and hospitality. WestJetters are re-tested every year. This door trainer is only one of several involved in training and testing! Safety is the most important part of a Cabin Crew member’s job.

Stepping inside the trainer, you will also spot crew member uniforms, service items, and safety items including life jackets, a first aid kit, megaphone, and information safety cards.

WestJet is a Calgary-based airline. It started in 1996 with three aircraft and five destinations. WestJet now flies three different aircraft, with a fleet of over 150, to more than 100 destinations. The fleet includes the Disney Magic Plane, and Disney Frozen Plane. It took a team of 26 people almost a month to paint the Magic Plane!

WestJet has won awards including best airline, traveller’s choice, customer service, best employer, best branding, and many more. WestJet, and WestJetters, are known for being a global airline that is Authentically Canadian, Uniquely WestJet, as well as for fantastic customer service, and viral, heart-warming videos.

WestJet- Inflight Cabin Crew Training
WestJet- Beyond The Aircraft- Elisa, Cabin Crew member